Necromancy is a special and generally illegal version of earth magics which calls upon Chaos instead of the Earth and harms the living and helps the undead rather than the reverse. Note that the term Necromany is strictly speaking only applicable to spells which create or help Undead, but the term and the legal prohibitons are often applied to all versions of Earth spells which call upon Chaos.

Among some Barbarian communities who traditionally shun Celestial magics the use Cause Wounds spells is consider normal and called Battle Magic. This does not prevent them from getting introuble when casting such spells in cities.

Note that the Life and Death spells both have the Incant "I grant you the Gift of ..." followed by either "Life" or "Death". Thus there is no legal restrictions on casting death spells other than the usual legal concerns for killing people.

The list of Earth Magic spells and their incants includes one major wound causing or harmful spell at each level and also a number for creating undead,

as well as which are clearly Necromancy and illegal almost everywhere on the face of them.

Necromancy in Kaurath

Within the High Kingdom of Kaurath there is no current local prohibition on Causing Wounds outside of citiies and towns and the practice is common among the Vorlonol and other Barbarians here. However through the Accords of Avalon (q.v.) this are requirements to prohibit these spells. However for the next few years a special Codicil to the Treaty specifically permitted to use such magics to heal the Undead but law abiding Citizens of the Barrowheart