Basic Kaurathi History

Welcome to the High Kingdom of Kaurath, where the line of Kaurathel reigns over a union of twelve nations, each with their own ruling body. This great land has had its share of hardships- subjugation by beastmen with foul intent, genocide of several notable families, famine spread throughout the provinces, and a five hundred year war with the now-allied Barrowheart. Above all, the threat looms of Zoradieth, an Eternal Sorcerer bent on ruling the kingdom of Kaurath and the destruction of the royal line.

But do not fear, traveler. All's not lost.

Kaurath is home to a rich history of allies forged in hardship, tales of love found its rulers, magic, and chivalry. Fae roam the land, both foul and fair, and some say a great dragon sleeps beneath the mountains.

In recent days, the land is ruled by High King Bulzaric, the just and martial firstborn son of the late High King Vichol. His Majesty's half-brother, Crown Prince Naivan, presides over the laws of the land as High Lord Magistrate, and the High Lord Marshall Alric Stark serves as Champion and General. The land is relatively peaceful, with the War of the Barrowheart over and the promise of healing on the horizon. A barbarian war has finally ceased with the defeat of the corrupted Bone Spider totem. One of Zoradieth's oldest generals, the Beyzor Lord of Strength and Tyranny, is defeated. But more Beyzor Lords, recently released from their stone prisons, lurk in the shadows, on no one's side but their own.

Will you rise up among us as a hero?

Become a part of Kaurath's history.

Welcome, adventurer.