Learning Herbal Lore and then Alchemy lets you create a Elixers, Poisons, and Oils and Solvents which can be mixed into food or drink, applied to surfaces, or encapsulated into Gas Packets (Orange). The list of items that can be made are covered under Production in the Rules. More levels of Alchemy let you make more things. Each item produced is represented by a small paper tag which is ripped when the item it represents is consumed. Gas Globe are single target weapons and also requires an Orange packet to throw at the target to see if you hit them.

Handle Poison

To safely use a product of Alchemy you must have the level of the Alchemy skill that could produce it.

Throw Gas Grenade

If you have enough levels then you can throw any gas globes you produce or acquire. Take an orange packet into an otherwise empty hand and throw it as your target, announcing the effect as you do. You start with the name of the gas globe. Thus a Sleep Gas Globe would be thrown with a call of "Sleep Gas Poison." This lets the target know the effect (Sleep) as well as the method it is being delivered (Gas) and the how it is affecting them (Poison) so they can apply appropriate resistances (Resist Sleep, Does Not Breath, or Resist Poison, for examples) or know what effect to take.

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