All our Forms including Submissions, Polls, and Surveys

Before an Event: Signing up
After an Event: How was it
Any time: Background, Website Comments, etc.

After an Event: PELs, Polls, Submissions, and Surveys

We ask you about the events so we can make things better each event. This is called a Post-Event Letter or for short.

Post Event Letters (aka PELs aka How did we do?)

Using the PEL form lets us track which comments have been read and resolved and which need to be considered. PELs are one of the best tools we have to learn what we can to do improve the game and plan the future. They also earn you Goblin Points.

Click here if you are ready to fill out the PEL form.

If you really hate forms, send PELs to plot[AT]kaurath[DOT]com.

You will receive Goblin Points for filling out a survey.

NERO International Post-Event Survey

After an event is processed into the national database you will get an email notifying you that is has been setup and asking you to fill out an after event survey located at .

You will receive a quarter of an event blanket for filling out a survey.

Between Game Actions and Information

Plot Submissions: Tell us what you are doing or want to do

Players can submit a note to the plot staff to let them know what your character is doing between events. You can make a plot submission here. Aside from the Free Submissions most people make, there are also Paid Plot submissions which will reward you with a non-event blanket (short) or two (long). Regardless of type, players are limited to one submission between events in the fall/spring or two in midsummer/midwinter.

Character History

We'd like to know the basic outline of a character's history so we can weave some of your backstory into the plot. It also gives us a chance to let you know about anything you are taking as part of your character which may need some tweaking to mesh well with the rest of the game. Click here to submit it to the plot team.

How can we recruit more NPCs and New Players to the game

Click here to tell us who recruited you/who you recruited for our chapter.

The Website

Our website needs to serve a lot of purposes while being as simple and bullet proof as possible. We welcome suggestions to improve things

Before A Game: Registration, Housing, Insurance, NPC credit and CP exchanges

Housing, Allergies, Insurance, CP Exchange Form

This form collects the information we need to assign you housing, ensure the cooks know about your food allergies, and give our site insurance the data they need.

NERO International Event Registration

Join NERO International, create a character, or register for a game.

Let us know when you will be NPCing

Fill out the Housing form and thenlet us know which shift you can cover here. thi is extra helpful if you are only doing one or two shifts instead of the whole event.

Requesting NPC credit through a CP exchange

You can use this if you forgot to put it on your pre-registration form.