Our games is part of the large multi chapter NERO Tyrran campaign. All games use the same ruleset.

To help those new to NERO master the rules we have provided Rules Summaries:

The full rules and chapter specific notes

All NERO chapters use the same ruleset: NERO Rule Book 9th Edition and the simplified and streamlined Revised Race Rules and the current errata.

There are three options described in the full rules which a chapter can choose to use which speed play. Our chapter uses the all three: Cast on the Fly, Automax, and the Limited Reset at 6 a.m.

Kaurath also uses all current national playtests actively (except that the Slash Five and Maneuver playlists are only active if a given module announces that it will be used during that contained event.).See the NERO International playtest folder for the current list.

Every game we have some standard announcements about how things work at our camp site, rules clarifications, and chapter policies. You will need to read and accept these before you register to play.