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The Code is one part Chivalric code and one part oath. All nobility within the kingdom have spoken the Luvata Kansa as their oaths to their nation and liege. The Luvata Kansa serves as a guide to the low crimes of Kaurath and as such is used when dealing out justice.

Though the term "blood" is used in the first line of the declaration, the Luvata Kansa is not a blood oath in traditional sense. In the times of the Golden Age, "blood" was synonymous with "family" or "lineage". Translated into the contemporary style the declaration would actually read: "By my honor and the honor of my Family I shall swear this promise." As a warning, to suggest, however, that the Luvata Kansa should be changed to meet the belief of the speaker is considered a grand insult to the Kaurath and would probably result in a beating or death.

The Luvata Kansa

By my honor and the honor of my blood I shall swear this promise. For my blood is the blood of my nation.
By my honor I shall respect the weak and declare myself the defender of them.
By my honor I shall dutifully serve the king and his lands with love and honor.
By my honor I shall not show fear before mine enemy.
By my honor I shall perform my duties with vigilance, patience, and passion.
By my honor I shall not lie and shall remain true to mine own words.
By my honor I shall be generous and give freely mine own wisdom and protection.
By my honor I shall be everywhere and always the champion of my people.
By my honor I shall fight with dignity and honor until first blood is drawn.
By my honor I shall stand tall against the darkness.

Tenants of War

The Tenants of War are ancient and have been followed by the Kaurath for centuries. Established in the Forgotten Age, they are followed in all races and cultures in Kaurath. They are established for all formal engagements and it is long believed that to refuse any tenant of war is considered to doom one's army to defeat.

The Laws of Hospitality

The ancient principles of Hospitality date back to the earliest days of civilization and beyond. The presence of the Fae means that gifts of Bread and Milk are more common than the Bread and Salt seen in other parts of Avalon, but the key principle remains- Accept our hospitality and you are trusted to behave well while with us and we promise the same to you. The reasons for such principles in a hostile world are obvious. What may surprise those less schooled in natural philosophy is the degree to which violations of hospitality bring ill fortune to the violators.

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