As one might expect magic shows up a number of ways in-games:

Learning Magic

Learning Read and Write and then Read Magic lets you learn Celestial Magic and use scrolls.
Learning Read and Write and First Aid and then Healing Arts lets you learn Earth Magic (either healing, necromancy, or both) as well as perform some basic medical diagnostics.
Learning Cantrips and Formal magic requires investing in Formal Magic once you have mastered at least one 9th level spell from one of the two spell paths.

Casting a Spell

You start each day (at 6pm) with the full set of spells slots you invested build points in. There are two different options chapters can choose for what spells you can cast in a given day, Memorization and Cast on the Fly. Our game has choosen Cast on the Fly so instead of preparing your spells at 6pm each day, you can choose what spell to cast as needed, so long as you have a free slot of the level needed. At 6 a.m. (the options Limited Reset which New England chapters all use) and at 6 p.m. (the standard Full Reset) the all the slots your character has purchased, used or not are renewed and available for use.

Throwing a spell

If you know a spell and can still cast it today (See Casting a Spell above) you take a packet in your hand, speak the incantation (also called the Incant, and throw the packet at the target (within three seconds) or touch it to a willing target within arm's reach.

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