Cantrips are more powerful spells which consume the rare Formal Magic Components and are cast cast from Cantrip Pages or a Cantrip Tome by someone who has spent build earning Formal Levels.

You may cast one Cantrip each day for each level of Formal Magic you know. Each cantrip you cast requires that you expend 0, 1, or 2 formal magic components (or a combination of cantrips and components where the count required balances, eg 2 components for a Cantrip requiring 2, or 2 cantrips requiring 1 in return for a strengh 2 component, etc.

While Cantrip Pages look like scrolls with a single cantrip on them but in fact they are a special on use cantrip Tome, which is destroyed when you cast the Cantrip on the Page spending the normal number of components.

Creating Cantrip Tomes

Cantrip Tomes are books created with the Create Cantrip Tome cantrip (costing 2 components) and filled with up to 10 cantrips which are copied from existing Tomes or Pages by a series of individual uses of the Copy Cantrip cantrip.

If you create a book in game you can do most of the work in character, taking advantage of the national playtest rules for Formal Casting without a Marshal, although you can always have a Marshal present or request assistance from Logistics. Press of play may prevent them from assisting however and you must accomodate that.

  1. You start with a suitable physical representation, then
  2. have any Smith you wish to strengthen it perform their crafting and note that fact on the last page and sign and date it and have a witness do the same (that can be you.)
  3. Cast the Create Cantrip Tome cantrip and rip the two points of components necessary, note that and sign and date it (again with a witness if you are not making the book for yourself), and then
  4. copy in up to ten Cantrips, having the person supplying the source Cantrip Tome or Cantrip Page note who, what and when in the back.
  5. Then bring the result to Logistics and if there is time Logistics will issue you an official Cantrip Tome tag. If time does not permit any formal marshal or logistics can issue you a temp tag and issue a permanent tag after the event.
Note that logistics may need to issue you a special temporary tag if you wish to create a blank book with no cantrips in it due to software limitations.

Creating Cantrip Pages

The Formal Magic rules are not clear about the cost of creating a Cantrip page. It is likely that they can be create by a single use of the Copy Cantrip cantrip and a source to copy from. However the restrictions on them means that all the Scholar's we have consulted recommend against even bothering to get a rules clarification on how to do it.

As Treasure

When a cantrip page or tome appears as treasure it is currently provided in lieu of the number of components needed to make it and should be treated as such if your group is performing a 'fair' treasure distribution of some sort.