Kaurath... a land of rich history and bloody battles, where Bards and Kings walk alongside Peasants, where Elementals hold no sway, but one should always carry a bit of bread or honey for the Fae. Under the rule of the High King, this is a land steeped in tradition with a long history. Come, join us and become a part of the ever-growing tapestry making up tomorrow's history.

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Our next event will be held November 3rd to 5th at Camp Cedarcrest in Orange, CT (northwest of New Haven, CT).

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Most of our events take place at Camp Cedarcrest, 886 Mapledale Rd, Orange, CT 06477, about ten minutes west of New Haven, Connecticut, just off exit 57 on the Merritt Parkway. More details are in the individual event announcements and on our Facebook page.


Our events usually last the weekend; the site opens for Players at 6pm Friday and closes at 5pm Sunday. The event include food (from Late Friday through Brunch Sunday) plus bunk-bed style cabins or tenting space for all who attend, both players and staff.

Our events are free for brand New Players and for Non-Player Characters, and cost $115 for a full weekend event, with opportunity for various discounts.

For full pricing details see our Event page at the tab above.


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As the seasons change in Celtios, the city prepares for the coming gather. The war with the bone tribes over, and the fall out slowly being contained, Kaurath returns to a time of peace and quiet. Guards rest from injuries, and meals are prepared. Prices in the local taverns have steeply declined as demand from the plains of Harcos all but stop. No complaints of famine come from the region, and communication is unhindered.

The recently released Beyzor Lords have not yet made their presence known, yet the nobility makes plans, ordinances, and prepares for rapid troop movements when the call inevitably comes. Violent Death and Murder has been quiet since his place of power in the Wyvernoth Ruins was assaulted and dismantled.

Shadows lengthen, whispers flow, and Kaurath's High Lord Marshall prepares to strike the final blow against an ancient enemy and drive the shadows back.

The Ferishyn Woods opens more lines of communication and the situation with bandits there is reported as more desperate than expected. Ice travels the plains in the north, and an early frost sets in to the north of Kasember.

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