Let's Talk Rules

We have broken the Rules you use in play down into small sections and written summaries of the high points of each. The character creation rules are addressed separately under New Player. We also have even simpler versions under New Player and NPCs that try and focus on just what you need to know in the role of a new (low level) player character or of someone taking on a role as not a normal player.


We mention this a lot becuase its the key to the spirit of the rules. We are all here to have fun in a consistent immersive world with a flavor of High and Low Fantasy. Paying Player, 'NPC', or Staff -- we all want to make the world live and make fun for everyone.

Becuase we have the options to be heros or villians or those grey characters somewhere in between and becuase some of our key ways to resolve conflicts are very Me versus You, such as Melee, sometimes its hard to be a ggood sport and recognize that this time we lost the conflict. Yet that is necessary if we are going to have any game. win graciously, lose pleasantly, and prepare for a future rematch.

This is where following the letter and the spirit of the rules is so important. Cheating cheapens the victory and leaves the loser resentful. If the struggle is not engaging no one will want to play with you. That destroys the point of the game. Player character or staff playing a monster, everyone should be treated fairly and we should all be kidn to each other both outside of and beneath the surface of the game world.

If we get too deeply immersed in our character and the world there is a risk that we will break the rules or our social contract and focus on "winning" to the point that we forget rules that would hinder our victory or that we make choices that "make sense for the character" but which make things much less fun for others.

The flipside of this is that if we don't stay immersed deeply enough in the world we will start doing things that break other people's immersion, talking about real world topics such as Earth sports, politics, or pop culture during an event and while in an In Game area such as the Tavern. Its a normal urge but it is more disruptive than we realize. We need to try and Stay Tyrran while we are in Tyrra. There is lots of time for Earthly concerns when the event is over or when we are off site.

Remember there are certain topics such as religion which are specifically outside the scope of our game to ensure it is s inclusive as possible and avoids triggering strong and unhelpful reactions. Its always hard to draw the lines in these areas but our rules picked a few and this is one of them.

Also remember that a number of Adult Topics just like Adult Habits such as Alcohol or Tobacco use, are not allowed or are carefully restricted, in recognition of our younger players and to be broadly accessible and avoid fraught situations. It is important to follow the rules and guidance of your chapter in these areas. Becuase our rules include mind affecting magics we limit who can use them on whom, to avoid repeating past problems, and we try and keep our plots PG-13 not R or X. Again this is a judgement call and when the plot team runs something that may be approaching the edges we try and let the players know that this plot line may not be for everyone. In turn we expect our players to be sufficiently self-aware to recognize issues that may come up an step away from them. This too is part of trying to keep everything fun for everyone and being a good sport about it all.

On to the details

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