Archery is represented by throwing an arrow packet at people.

While it is common to use Yellow Packets to represent Archery, at games at Camp Cedarcrest we must use standard green or brown packets made of biodegradable cloth and filled with (non-pointy) birdseed. For more on how to make a safe and useable packet see the detailed rules page.

Your character needs the Archery skill or a Racial competence with the type of bow you are using (Bow or Crossbow), you hold the LARP melee safe bow in your off-hand and throw a packet at your target with your main hand. If it hits it does a point of damage. As with melee weapons if you have more skills or magic the packet will do more damage and you must call the results, e.g. "2 Normal" or even "3 Normal Fire" for a flaming arrow shot from a magic bow.

When throwing the archery packet, you must mimic the motion of shooting and loading the bow. You cannot throw straight from your shoulder or hold more than one arrow packet in your throwing hand at a time. You must enact the motion of nocking the arrow, drawing back, then you throw as if you released the string. The same is true for crossbows, you must load them as if you drew the string back, and loaded the bolt on the string before you can throw to simulate releasing the string.

If your bow physical representation is hit, you cannot fire an arrow. You must act as if your string came free of the bow, or was cut. You must spend 3 seconds after a hit restringing the bow in order to throw another arrow packet. You may continue to block with the bow even if you don’t restring it, so long as you hold the bow with two hands before every third blow, otherwise you may block, but you still take damage from the hit.

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