New to NPCing

Being an NPC is both a great way to get started and lots of fun for those interested in doing this long term.

An an "Non-Player Character" you get to learn the rules and conventions of playing the game in smaller chunks.

You also get to learn pieces of our history and the ongoing stories in bite sized chunks as well.

NPC roles are have strong impact on the flow of the story. Third Orc on the left may seem a small things, a bit player role, but that character's presence is vital to the players facing it down in a melee. Your fighting tactics and how you role play the character is a key building block of an immersive game. And any character may find themselves talking to player and other non-player characters near players as part of the living world of Kaurath we try and portray. That means that if you start as Third Orc on the Left you may end up as Grizlnak Bone Cheer, a sometime ally of the players or perhaps an incipient dark lord with ambitions to master magics and take over his tribe and lead them to glorious world domination. If you don't feel chatty or the players are in kill it mode then it's just a fight. If you and they start talking ... anything might happen.

If you are one of the many fine folks who decide this is good fun you can take on roles with more and more impact on the game than any player character can have over time. Talk to us as you get more comfortable with life (and death) here in Kaurath.

Not every non player charater that goes out is a tailored roles or even you are really life, sometimes you’ll be needed for roles you don’t like much (although we try and limit this) and it is worth trying all types of roles to see what is most fun for you. What you find as fun can change as you learn more about the game and become more confident in your abilities....