How to Join and Start making your Character

Becoming a Member is easy! You can sign up for FREE and you get a complimentary 3 month membership, so you can try out the game! After that you can get a yearly membership for just $30. This membership is paid directly to the national organization and helps pay for things that will improve the game for all chapters. Once you pay your membership fee, you will get 3 Build Points to apply to your character, as a thank you (claim them from the Goblin Exchange).

  1. Go to the our Online Character Database
  2. Create a User Profile (Username, Password, etc.)
  3. Under Home Chapter choose Hartford from the drop-down list (IMPORTANT!)
  4. Once you hit Submit, you should go check your email.
    The email will be FROM:
    The email title will be: NERO: New User Account Created - Activation Needed
    Click the link to be taken to the activation page.
  5. Your account is now active for Sign-In
  6. You can now create a character
  7. NERO Highborn has a great summary of how to create a character so go to until we can write one of our own.
As we stated earlier, every new player gets a THREE MONTH free membership! After that time, you will need to login to the Character DB and go to the Store link (located on the left side of the page) and update your membership. You must be logged in to get to this area.
  1. At your first event none of your character's deaths will count against them.
  2. Your first two deaths after that are safe as well, no risk of your character dying permanently.
  3. You start at Level 4.
  4. Until you hit level 10 you can rewrite your character freely