Perks for New Players

Since New Players Characters and NPCs are important to grow our hobby and each brings their own unique contribution we have some special perks for you.

What perks do you get as a brand new player? Here is what you get:

  1. Your first event as a new player is FREE!
  2. A New Player gear package! Get tags for your weapons, armour, and everything you bring a physical representation for, and potions, and more!
  3. Help from staff every step of the way, if you need it.
  4. New Player Training at your first event.
  5. FUN! Lots and lots of fun! You'll get to play with your friends and meet new people.
  6. At your first event none of your character's deaths will count against them.
  7. Your first two deaths after that are safe as well, no risk of your character dying permanently.
  8. You start at Level 4.
  9. Until you hit level 10 you can rewrite your character freely so don't worry about making "wrong" choices when making your first character.
Becoming a Member is easy! You can sign up for FREE and you get a complimentary 3 month membership, so you can try out the game! After that you can get a yearly membership for just $30. This membership is paid directly to the national organization and helps pay for things that will improve the game for all chapters. Once you pay your membership fee, you will get a Build Point to apply to your character, as a thank you (claim them from the Goblin Exchange). Follow the instructions here to join the game and create a character. >

... and Perks for your friends

If you come back to NPC a second event or as a paid player character the friend who brought you gets a significant reward in game. Click here and let us know you name. And if you recruit a new Player or NPC who comes back have them come here too and you'll get something as well by way of an extra Thank you for going the extra mile.