What has happened Lately

Last year

The Avalonian Gate was set up to link Kaurath to the many other Kingdoms of Avalon and Duchies of Evandaar.


In the lte Spring the High Lord Marshall performed a great ritual calling out on the power of Truth and Justice and Light and challenging the ancient enemy Zoradieth and the forces of Darkness, Evil, and Corruption.


The Dubhember ("The Men of Darkness") were attacked by genocidal monsters they believe sent by the Kaurathi but the adventuerors eventually step in to defend them and change at least some Dubhember minds.

The Mother of the Fae appearaed and made demands and corrupted some beings of power.


The adventueres made some allies. The High King was assasinated and the forces of Mother of the Fae attacked from many directions but were beaten back for the moment.

Season Closer

The planned Duel between Zoradieth and High Lord Marshall Alric Stark is scheduled to take place. A ball has been scheduled to take place. The Mother of Fae promised that she would be back soon and the Faery Courts of Kaurath already at War to defend against her.