The Kingdoms of our Game World

The High Kingdom of Kaurath

The High Kingdom of Kaurath is a royal union of twelve realms including the original Kingdom of Kaurath and has spent half of its thousand year history fighting a (sort of civil) war with the undead Kingdom of the Barrowheart, which was born in curse and misunderstanding. That war is over, the ancient curse that caused it now abated, though the consequences and ill feelings of five centuries linger. The death of the old King sealed the peace and his son Bulzaric rose from the command of the half-orc Razioch forces, traditional guardians of the Land, to assume the throne. Confirmed by the Stags, the mystical symbols and guardians of Kaurath, he now presides over the fair High Kingdom.


Kaurath is divided into four provinces each ruled by a royal family member and administered by a non-royal with the title of Skald.

The province of Haltia lies in the west of the High Kingdom between the two great rivers flowing from the Lake of Ice and from the Dragonspine Mountains. It is heavily forested and produces a wide range of timber, wood products, fruits and vegetables. The current capital, Kaurath City, lies within its borders just down the Royal Road from the Gatetown of Celtios where many Gathers have taken place. It is the province with the longest border with the Barrowheart. Much of the Royal Road, and the Gatetowns spaced all along it, lie in Haltia on the border or separated from it by Lake Haltia and its associated river.

The province of Kasember lies north and east of the Dragonspine Mountains and the river connecting them to Haltia. It is primarily plains and a source of much of the grain that can be forced from the rocky soil of Kaurath. Its large size permits it to support the same population as the denser, but richer, lands of Haltia. The plains (and forests) of Rensvarvas lie to the north and west and the northern spur of the Dragonspine mountains mark the province's northeast edge.

The province of Harcos lies west of the Dragonspine Mountains. It is primarily plains and a major source of meat as much of the land is occupied by herding barbarian tribes. The rich grasslands supports numerous clans of Barbarians, many of which are part of the Vorlonal Kingdom, as well as towns and trading posts. The only settled Vorlonal city, Vahnakard, is the capital of Vorlonal. The Keskaur forest is home to a closed foreign kingdom of elves. It lies against the Kalivan Mountains and marks the eastern border of the 12 Kingdoms.

The province of The Plains of Morathel lies south of the Dragonspine Mountains. It is infested with monsters and echoes of the past and is a dangerous land. Repeated attempts to colonize or improve it have failed. It is a source of rare herbs, exotic plants, strange beasts, and all sorts of dark and dangerous things. Anything that dies there rises again as undead for a time. This is where one can find most of the Razioch and the Ograth (the half-orcs and half-ogres of Kaurath.)

The Royal Road

The Royal Road runs through western Kaurath from the Siltamurri in the north, the great gate between the Barrowheart and the rest of Kaurath where many battles were fought and most soldiers put in their years of service on the Wall holding back the undead hordes, to the Etellamurri in the south, another great gate blocking access to the road from the bandits and other things that live in the Southern Wastes. The road facilitates trade in peaceful moments and supports rapid redeployment of troops along the border. Along the road a day's travel apart are the "Gate Towns", standardize royal rallying points and garrisons.

The Kingdom of the Kaurathel

Kaurath, while used as the name for the entire region, is most properly the human monarchy, which holds the High Kingship among the Twelve Kingdoms. Humans are found everywhere in the twelve kingdoms and the Barrowheart but are rare in the Plains of Morathel and the under kingdoms of Āmurs Akmens and Malmiheim. .

Innos Halal

Innos Halal, an elven kingdom in central Haltia, east of the Lake, is ruled by the Haran Quinar and Harni Ruthiel. It is heavily forested, ancient, and rich in lore and skill. Its people are the most well known elvenfolk in the High Kingdom.


The Gythainen are a reptilian Magocracy in the south of Haltia, ruled by the Kawei and a council of clan leaders. It is mostly water and swampland with dry land reserved for purposes that require it, such as trade and libraries. They engage in aquaculture of all sorts and trade up and down the river.

Briar Hollow

Briars Hollow lies in Southern Kasember along the river is an agrarian realm ruled by a Hobling Grand Sheriff, who is elected for a seven year term by the constituent regions of the realms.


Seannaught in the north (Western Kasember near the Lake) is an agrarian realms ruled by a Hobling Grand Foreman, who is elected for a seven year term by the constituent regions of the realms.


The Vaeltaa are a normally migratory people found throughout Kaurath. They are similar to those known as Gadabari elsewhere in Avalon, but many are more settled and have a stronger hierarchy than elsewhere, perhaps because a single voice was required to speak with the High King in council during the Barrowheart War.


The Vorlonal are a union of Barbarian tribes who have established a kingdom with a fixed capital and a unified rule. They live, herd, and farm in Harcos to the east of the Dragonspine Mountains. As part of the High Kingdom, they provided a strong backbone of the army fighting the Barrowheart during much of the 500 year long war. They are known to clash with the Vanastagg, the totemic and nomadic barbarian tribes, who view settlements as a betrayal of their way of life and tribal totems.


The Razioch are the Half-Orcs native to Kaurath. The have a martial culture, in part due to the 500 years of war with the Barrowheart and its minions, and continued fighting with monsters spawned from the Plains of Morathel. They are deeply tied to the land of Kaurath and take pride in being its defenders both in the past and recently, since Bulzaric won their allegiance for the kingdom while he was a Prince.


The Ograth are the Half-Ogres native to Kaurath and occupy the forests in the south and south west of Kaurath. They have somewhat mystical culture, which might have been peaceful save for constant conflicts with the Troll Masters of the Dubhember Peaks and the Razioch.


The newly peaceful Barrowheart occupies a large area to the west of Haltia through and past the mountains as was recently “conquered” despite being an ally to become the 10th kingdom.


A new realm, mostly populated by Dwarves (with some ratkin) located underground in the North Eastern Royal Province of Kasember. Malmiheim was formed by those (mostly Clan Iron with some members of Clan Copper) fleeing unrest in Kulta Kerros who began actively digging tunnels and asserting sovereignty by ancient Dwarven law over those digging. They swore fealty to the High King and joined the High Kingdom as the 11th kingdoms.

Āmurs Akmens

A new realm, mostly populated by Dwarves (with some ratkin) locate underground in the Eastern Royal Province of Haltia. Āmurs Akmens was formed by those (mostly Clan Iron and Clan Copper) fleeing the civil war in Kulta Kerros actively digging tunnels and asserting sovereignty by ancient Dwarven law over those digging. They swore fealty to the High King and joined the High Kingdom as the 12th kingdoms.

Kulta Kerros

An old Dwarven Kingdom formed by refugees from the disaster that destroyed Eltor Paksu. It is located north of the Barrowheart and west of Kasember under the mountains. Kulta Kerros is organized into five major clans by occupation (Platinum - Rule, Gold - Military, Silver - Scholarship, Copper - Trade, and Iron - Workers) and ruled by a Council of Thanes, led by the High Thane and High Athane of the Platinum Clan. After a major civil war, a number of members of the "lower status" Iron and Copper clans moved into Kaurath and established new realms there, somewhat to the surprise of the local Skalds. The High Thane is Petro Dragonhorde and there is currently no High Athane, despite his romantic efforts.

Eltor Szakal

An old Dwarven Kingdom formed by refugees from the disaster that destroyed Eltor Paksu. It is located south of the Barrowhart and west of Haltia under the mountains. Eltor Pakso is organized into baronies and holdings in a simple feudal structure under the High Thane and High Athane. Then population is dominated by Clans such as Tin and its exports are most often jewelry or things enchanted with the aid of the neighboring Gythanian.


The Keskaurani are an isolationist elven kingdom in the Keskaur Mountain woods and treat unexpected visitors harshly. Outsiders notice the presence of vines or leaves on the elves' faces or bodies which change with their age. They do engage in limited trade with outsiders, which has increased since the elimination of the Goblins.


The Dubhember live beneath the Dubhember Peaks and have an ancient enmity with the Dwarves, who share an underground life, However, representatives of the two rules have recently re-signed an ancient peace treaty.


A small kingdom of nomadic peoples to the north of Kasember which was torn apart by invasion of strange monsters. They imported many weapons and mercenaries to help their fight and while the battle lines seem stable now, the old nobility is gone, replaced by the hordes formed by the mercenaries who have taken over effective governance. The groups are known by simple color coding, reflecting their origins as regional alliances of soldiers needing a common banner. There are Blue and White in the east, Red and Green in the center, Yellow and Black along the western border in the Ferrishyn woods.

Major Neighboring Realms


A large feudal kingdom south of Kaurath which dominates central Avalon. Noteworthy for its wide range of nobility and attitudes in contracts to the battle hardened nobles of Kaurath.


A recently devastated realm immediately to the south of Kaurath.