A guide to the modern Geography of Kaurath.


Titled nobility are normally granted a landholding from their liege. The grants may come from Royal land for those hold office under the High Kingdom, or from the land of the under-kingdoms where the title proceeds from.

A landed noble is expected to spent time and effort protecting and developing the land they hold and paying attention to it. Those who do not may lose the title granting the land or the landholding directly. The plots of land held by a noble are normally, in deed, sufficient for them to field the required strength of troops. Insofar as Kaurath has a more professional military cadre and infrastructure, the purely feudal levies are not as important as they are in more peaceful realms.

Those without titles can often purchase land from the major mercantile houses or from small farmers who are considering retiring and lack heirs.

Political Map

Topological Map