Some makeup tips

Many playable races have makeup requirements. First always remember that you can play a human with most of the flavor of any other race and have no special makeup, costuming, or roleplay requirements. That is part of what makes humans cool. But if not a standard human here short summary of makeup for each race.

Barbarians wear Leather and Fur.

Biata have feathered eyebrows.

Drae have silver/white hair including eyebrows and full body makeup to represent a skin tone in the medium pale grey to almost black grey range with purple and black highlights. Good makeup is a point of pride with Drae players who take care to avoid confusing people with blackface. They usually wear light clothing inspired by traditional japanese aesthetics.

Dwarves must wear fake beards (male or female) although the male beards are longer and in Kaurath set with metal tokens denoting which clan the dwarf comes from. A Dwarf without clan token is probably clanless.

Elves all have pointed ears. Beyond that Wild Elves also wear leather and fur like Barbarians, Stone Elves have stone white skins with selected dark lines or veins. Keskaurani Elves have vines and leaves on or growing out of their faces that suggest their age.

Vaeltaa (Gadabari) wear strongly colored clothes with a strongly medieval affection for clashing and particolored clothes. They often wear scarves as an easy way to express their aesthetic. They must speak in a consistent strong but non-American accent.

Humans have not costuming requirements and are the easy choice.

The Orgrath (the Kaurathi Half-Ogres) have yellow skin and tusks.

The Razioch (the Kaurathi Half-Orcs) have green skin and tusks.

Hoblings have Mutton Chops, Unibrows, and hair verging on fur on the backs of their hands and feet.

Mystic Wood Elves have horns.

Sarrs wear full face makeup based on one of the types of Great Cat.

Scavengers wear a mix of facial makeup, proestetics, and horns that suggest the animal they are based on.

RaceMakeup LevelDetails
BarbarianLowFur and Leather clothing; Tribal symbol in face paint
BiataMediumEyelash glue, feathers, and remover later
DraeHighFull face and hair, ears, costume and RP expected
DwarfLowFake beard
ElfLowPointed Ears
Vaeltaa (Gadabari)Medium-LowColorful Costume, consistent Accent
Ograth (Half Ogre)MediumYellow Face, Tusks
Razioch (Half Orc)MediumGreen Face, Tusks
HoblingLowFake or Makeup brows, mutton chops, back of hands
Mystic Wood ElfLowHorns, Ears
Stone ElfMedium-HighFull face, Ears, Strong RPing
SarrHighFull face
ScavangerVariesFrom Horns and whiskers to full face masks
Wild ElfLowEars, Leather and/or fur

A couple of our players who do a lot of makeup had some tips

Export 1

  1. Make sure you have washed your face thoroughly before applying.
  2. Make sure you are using a good primer [use actual beauty makeup primer]
  3. Make sure that you are using the right makeup for your skin, if you have oily skin, dry skin, combo skin, make sure you are using a makeup that says it is for that, so do research if need be, if the cake is better for dry skin, use that, if the stick form is better for oily skin, etc etc.
  5. Make sure to use actual makeup remover.
  6. Use a cleanser afterward that is a good match for your skin type.
  7. Repeat the same thing the next day.

Expert 2

I agree, except I have found that I can sleep in makeup Friday night (since I only apply it at 8pm.) I then need to remove it fully Saturday night and reapply for Sunday. But Neutragena makeup wipes are worth the price.

Export 3

Our Monster Camp subscribes to Neutrogena unscented makeup wipes in bulk.