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For all of our explainer videos to date just follow this link. Below we have some more general videos about LARPing.



Overcoming Obstacles

Character Creation


On Making Playable Characters

This video is from a LARP writing conference, but the core advice about playable characters applies, no matter who is writing them.

On a first LARP

Some other things to remember

Be an NPC

Feel-Good Stories

The web series Basic Adventuring 101 was written to give folks a fair and focused introduction to LARPing. We commend it to your attention. You can find it starting at the this link:
Basic Adventuring 101, the Series.

A long focused discussion on all sorts of Character Bleed

Bleed is feelings and other aspects of life flowing between the player and the character. It is an important topic overall and this is a good focused discussion on the subject but it runs almost half an hour and includes some very advanced topics that will be important over time.

Tragic backstories

One may not want the generic tragic backstory....

Other Video Suggestions Welcomed

We are always looking to curate more interesting and helpful videos about LARPing, these rules, and Kaurath. If you have any suggestions, please send an email to Logistics at this web site or let us know on the Facebook group.

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