Everything Rules

Let's Talk Rules

Our game based on Accelerant. A number of other games use the same core rules.

To see our rules read this file: Full Rule Book

Since that includes lots of things you may need someday but will not all need at once we have also broken out the individual chapters which are a lot easier to browse on smaller devices:

Creating characters

Registration and online character creation or conversion can be found at LARPortal.

Characters can be new characters facing a new world, or existing characters who find themselves in a new world where things are similar but not always the same. This year will be a time of exploration and discovery as you get your footing here and preserve your core values in the face of new challenges.

Converting Characters

If you are a visitor to the world or a older Kaurath character from an earlier rule system we have a guide as to how to get from there to here.

If you are having problems clicking the link on magic item conversion form Kaurath 2018, try clicking here.