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Kaurath... a land of rich history and bloody battles, ripped from its home by great magics and catapulted into a strange new world.

How will the ancient martial tradition serve them in a place where everything must be relearned. Come, join us and become a part of the ever-growing tapestry making up tomorrow's history.

Our Upcoming Event

While waiting for the public health situation to permit medium sized group athletic events we are running our game, both roleplaying and combat adventures, on line using our Discord server.

Set up your character at larportal.com under Kaurath.  Those skills can be used on line as well.  We will also hold pure on roleplaying events in costume over discord and Zoom. 

To get an invitation visit our Facebook page or used the contact below

We are focusing this play on adding elements to our game and expanding things in the directions out players find most interesting as well as setting the groundwork for major plotlines to come.

Our season Opener for 2021 at Camp Cedarcrest in Orange, CT (northwest of New Haven, CT), depends on public health situation as the safety of all our players and staff is the first priority. We have reserved the weekends of 

October 8th


November 12th

in hope all our people will be vaccinated and masking and the ambient virus level is safe for all our players. 

Safety rules will be set based on CDC guidance for gatherings and athletic activity.  Because of some of our players are at elevated risk we are likely to require all players be vaccinated; have recent, current, COVID-19 test results; no symptoms including fever or other COVID or flu-like symptoms.   States in our region are release smartphone apps and web sites to provide reliable proof of vaccination for event runners such as NY's the Excelsior pass app.   

Expect a slightly longer check in process and revised release at event check in when coupled with government issued ID.

Other details as we get closer.   For example guidance will determine when and if combat is permitted or food service resumes.

On-line gaming and special events will continue regardless.  

To register click here and follow the instructions.


Almost all of our events take place at Camp Cedarcrest, 886 Mapledale Rd, Orange, CT 06477, about a little west of New Haven, Connecticut, just off exit 57 on the Merritt Parkway. More details are in the individual event announcements and on our Facebook page. The Site map is attached here

The Intercon T event takes place at Intercon T (Sat Morning Febuary 29th) -- note that our regular NPCs get free admission to Intercon, just contact Kaurath Logistics


On line events

We accept small donations of $10 per event to help cover our costs and continue to Camp Cedarcrest and LARPortal to keep them running.  We reward this and other assistance with extra CP. 

In person events

Our events usually last the weekend; the site opens for Players at 6pm Friday and closes at 5pm Sunday. The event include food (from Late Friday through Brunch Sunday) plus bunk-bed style cabins or tenting space for all who attend, both players and staff.

Our events are half price for brand New Players first two events, always free for Non-Player Characters, and costs run from $55 to $130 for an event, with discounts for preregistering and for prepaying, large families, and hardship.

For Non-Protagonist Characters who can commit to multiple events and are interested we are glad to write longer term story arcs with developing roles which support our model player agency in a Living world which supports but reacts to player choices.

We also offer NPC exchanges: giving you CP or whatever their local attendance credit is with various other LARPs if you NPC for us or vica versa.

For full pricing details see our Event page at the tab above.

Give the Gift of LARPing this Season

Gift Certificate for the Holidays

By selecting the item below you can get a gift certificate for one full weekend event for kith or kin at dis discount below the normal prepay rate. Just let us know who this if for and they can preregister for any event this season.
And if they are a new player this gift certificate will cover their first TWO full weekend events.

Support A reduced cost of free seat to our game

Or if you want to help those less able to afford it you can donate this gift certificate to fund an additional scholarship foran upcoming event to help the hobby grow and aid community members who cannot afford to attend but will contribute to the game if they are present.

Click below for the special discounted gift certificate or donation

Let us know in the payment note who this is for and will apply it to their next event. If you want physical certificate to put into an envelope allow a couple of extra weeks.


A quick link to the page with all the rules.  The KAURATH You Tube channel contains short video reviews of the key points

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Our Announcement Group on Facebook.

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The In Game discussion group for conversations entirely in character.