What you need to know about production:

There is a set of Crafting skills that depending on the skill either allow you to produce in-game items (Alchemy, Create Potion, Create Scroll, Smithing) or to earn coin for any other Crafting Skill (refered to as Craftsman: Other for any value of Other.)

As you build or advance your character consider how useful the resulting production object or coin will be compared to being better at some other in-game activity before you buy the skill. The Craftsman: Other skill is also used to represent things you are good at not reflected in the rules, such as Cratmans: Historian but you are also expected to put in the effort to be able to role play that skill, in the case of Histrian by learning the game history of your chapter, for example. The chapter may allow you to use your craftsmen skills for many in game tasks that make sense at the discretion of marshals and staff. If you feel your skills fit a given situation, approach the marshals on the encounter and ask for clarification. The nature of craftsmen skills being completely customizeable means that not all craftsmen skills will be considered in initial planning stages, but we do strive to make them as special as is reasonable. This is above and beyond the silver earned for the skills that do not directly create in game objects.

Becuase both styles of skill require some work by either the national database or the chapter logistics staff if you have any of the Craftsman or production skills you must:

  1. Update your character to spend any build you want to invest in these skills and Commit the character in the The National Database system located at
  2. Register for a specific event on the National Database Website:
  3. If you have access to laboratory (or similar production augmenting building) in the area covered by this event make sure that either you own the personal lab or that the person who controls the shared lab added you to the access list in the database.
  4. Decide what production items you will create for the upcoming events.
  5. At least two weeks before the event visit once to request the production you desire.
  6. I something changes or needs to be corrected reach out by email to logistics at the kaurath[dot]com site to get your production adjusted.
Following these steps will limit delays at check-in. Logistics completes all Production up to 7 days prior to the event. Anything happening after that has to be handled separately and its entirely likely that you will be asked to wait for others who have done everything on-line to check in before your request can be entered, processed, and printed out.

Production rules follow those listed in the Rulebook. For moe details click here to go to the Production page under Rules above.