To start, welcome! I'm Anna, your new player liaison, and I'll be your guide on this journey.

First things first is to Register for the Event!
You can find our game in the Larp Portal database here:

Second is to print and fill out the forms found here. Read them carefully!

You may be wondering what to pack! A list can be found here: , but the most important things to bring are plain black clothes (no logos), sturdy dark shoes, toiletries, bedding, extra socks, medication, and a can-do attitude! If you have your own ren-faire-like clothes, feel free to bring them, but we also have a wide array of costumes to borrow.

Remember that this is an outdoor-indoor mixed space game at a campsite. Feel free to bring bug spray and sun screen!

Food is absolutely provided for you as an NPC, as well as your own space to crash. Registering ahead of time helps us out by planning for your arrival. Any allergies? List them! We try to accommodate as many folx as possible.

Plan to arrive at around 4 to 6 pm on Friday evening and leave around 3 or 4 on Sunday afternoon. Help setting up and tearing down is always a plus, but if you can't do the full length of time, no worries! We're just lucky to have you. We do have, important to note, a combat safety workshop that is run for every newcomer on Friday night. (If you can not make that our Monster Marshal or senior staff will tryand brief you.)

as an NPC you get to help make the magic happen. You will play the incidental encounters with locals and local hostiles that help folks feel like they are part of a living world, as well as taking the roles of antagonists in combat advesntuers and the more conversation encounters with locals, political oopnenets, and people in need of help or persusion, or even those offering guidance and assistance, or good for trade.

As you get more comfortable with the game and community we are glad to let you develope comintuing NPCs characters and even to take a shift to run a player character of yours if you want (with some limits related to the things you have been NPCing). That about 2 hours if its oa one day event or 4 hours for a full weekend event.

At the end of the weekend, the logistics team does an allotment of CP -- character points -- to those who arrived to help out. This can take up to a week to show up in LarpPortal. These points can be used to make your own playable character at our game, or at another game. If you would like us to send it to a game not on LarpPortal, send us a note in our Post Event Letter (PEL)! You can find that here:

Have fun!

If you want to prepare any extra, feel free to poke around our rulebook found here for full-length, or in subcategories. Or, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Thanks so much!