How Accessible is our Game?

While this tries to be an accessible game, the nature of real-time and real- space live action gaming presents certain challenges and the genre of the game makes those more significant than other genres of LARP may present.


Most of our events take place at a campsite. As a result, you need transportation to get there and must be comfortable traveling on uneven ground. Though most play takes place on clear, flat sections, there are tree roots, bushes, and shortcuts which have less stable footing than the main fields and paths. Some parts of the game take place inside buildings with good floors and ramps.

A few events per year take place as part of a larger convention, held in a hotel, which may offer better terrain accessibility.

Content and locales vary during an event. While we strive to present some content in each environment that depends on the inspiration of our volunteers and can not be guaranteed.

All housing available for players and NPCs involves some ability to climb steps or move up hills. Players with mobility challenges that require ramps should contact logistics before the event so we can check if your solution will be acceptable to the site or that they have one available.

Portions of the event take place in real-space and real-time, so the ability to travel to the locations of in game events in a timely manner during the weekend may be required to participate in some of the content.

Verbal calls

Our Rule System requires the ability to hear and react to verbal calls conveying enhanced damage and special effects taking place, as well as safety calls such as "Hold" to stop a combat in progress while an issue is resolved. If you can not do this, you should not take a role involving physical combat or remain in close proximity to it without companions who can assist in translating any relevant information.

Web pages

While this web page was designed to be both visually pleasing and attempts to be accessible, we recommend the use of modern browser tools to ensure your challenges are well addressed. If you find areas where we can improve the page, please use the link below or send mail to the logistics mailbox at this domain. If you find other areas where we can improve the page address please use the link below or send mail to the logistics mailbox at this domain.

The NERO International pages are maintained by them and any comments on their accessibility should be raised through their online commenting systems. If you find the "Contact Us" page at unusable, logistics here will be glad to forward any clear comments along to their webmaster on request.

Other Health Challenges

Playing our game can be a physically demanding activity comparable to any active sport performed outdoors at a campground. We rely on you, our players, to take appropriate steps before playing such as arrange any necessary medical clearances and understanding and your limits and any requirements you may have to meet to ensure that you will be able to play safely and with good sportsmanship. Please follow any guidelines your doctors recommend. We can not do that for you; contacting your doctor is your responsibility.

Emotional Accessibility

While we strive for an open and welcoming Family Friendly environment, this remains an adult hobby and all minors are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who can actively supervise them and exercise judgement on their behalf.

The details of plot lines vary and topics which people find sensitive or which may trigger strong reactions vary widely as well. Therefore, we have a policy on how to disengage from content or problematic behavior. There are separate (but related) rules for addressing inappropriate conduct as quickly and fairly as we can.

All players are required to be able to deal with such matters as mature adults, or to assist their minor children to do so. By the same token please accommodate other players who may need to disengage ‐ it could be they had something problematic come up.

Live-Action gaming is at its best an immersive experiences. This means that at times it can be emotionally intense, even if it does not trigger negative reactions during gameplay. This is referred to as "Bleed" in literature regarding role playing, and there are articles on that topic readily available online.

Make sure you allow sufficient buffer time after an event to decompress and process the emotions that game events have brought up in you.

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