Policy Topics between Events

Every game we have some standard announcements about how things work at our camp site, rules clarifications, and chapter policies. You will need to read and accept these before you register to play.

Alcohol and drug use, use of another's prescriptions/controlled substances, harassment (sexual or otherwise), and threats of violence towards others will not be tolerated and staff will ask any caught involved in such actions to leave site if necessary. This is important enough that we list it often and mention it often.

Stress of Roleplaying

A recent event was stressful for a number of us and a few of us were not able to cope well for various reasons. It is important that you make sure you are able to handle the rigors of this hobby.

We strongly encourage anyone with a condition that might present challenges to speak with the appropriate trained professional and get a medical clearance. Some of us, including the general manager, have skipped LARP events on medical advice when necessary. While it has been tempting for some of us to just push through regardless of the risk -- and sometimes we have -- it would not have been (and in cases was not) fair to the other participants or the organizers of the event.

We both ask and expect players to demonstrate good sportsmanship in all areas, including knowing when it is time to take a break from a melee during an event, or from attending events, as well as when it is time to consider switching characters or switching how their character chooses to interact with the world.

To help make this feasible the plot team is working to put out more roleplaying opportunities in the larger arcs as well as standalone tavern centered plot to help those like Stephen and Maggie, who are more physically challenged, participate in events without risking problems

Player Agency and a Living World

We are committed to making player choices important and making Kaurath a living land in our genre full of beings who act and react as they should (within the broad constraints of our family friendly policies.)

However, it is important to note that we are running a High Fantasy game which is a broader genre than pure Heroic Fantasy. That means that not all situations can be resolved by powering straight ahead. Some require thought, gathering information, and approaching the problem from different angles.

Some of our character are very linear people and the character will get frustrated but the players need to stop and think.

As storytellers, the plot team tries to ensure such situations are flagged as a potential problem for players used to or desirous of linear play but in the heat of the moment that sometimes gets missed.

Players, having significant agency in what they do in the world, can and do often wander outside the confines of the structured plot, and encounter parts of the living land of Kaurath which are not as carefully curated. When that happens then you as a player need to be prepared if it is one of those situation that may require a subtle approach for success.

Kaurath Between Events

The management and plot staff of this chapter work hard to present Kaurath as a living world which exists between Gathers and which reacts to player actions. We believe this is an important step to support the willing suspension of disbelief that permits this to be an immersive roleplaying game, not a foam weapon combat sport.

Because people cannot always make it to a give Gather for many good reasons we support between event roleplaying online with your fellow players and between event interactions with the world using plot submissions and online role playing (especially during the longer intervals over summer and winter.

As a hobby run by volunteers where our members share the costs of putting on our events we are, obviously, limited by the time everyone can devote to this aspect of their lives. If there are ways we can help keep the role playing going please use emails to plot or logistics sent to the Kaurath.com web site or our Plot Submission and Post Event Letter forms to let us know. We don't want conflicting priorities, family events, or any other issue or challenge to prevent people from having a reasonable chance to keep playing in Kaurath.

Our primary focus remains the face to face events and when we can find an appropriate venue we hope to offer small adventure days or roleplaying centric Tavern events.

Guest Plot

Since we want to encourage our players to feel part of the living world of Tyrra things there can affect things in Kaurath and vica versa -- so guest plot is not a bad things. There are just some general principles of politeness involved.

As you know we ask folks to let us know in solidly advance about guest plot so we can schedule it. We are pushing to get stuff done earlier this fall/winter so I want to remind those interested in running plot at our upcoming event to let us know. A week before the event is not good. A month before is probably okay. After that point more and more resources will be committed to plots we need to run. Scarce resources are locations, NPCs, and treasure including magic items -- the more of these you can supply the more accomodating we can be.

You should speak with our Plot Liaison if possible and they or a member of the plot team will be assigned to facilitate things for you. (Both to help the plot you plan to run fit into the campaign we are running and the flow of the specific event as well as put your plot on the Master Timeline and reserve locations and other resources you need from us.

If anyone needs to talk to the plot team to confirm things email to PLOT at our website KAURATH.COM is most effective. Or you can contact the General Manager or the Head of Plot directly on Facebook or by email or after an event.

Player Plot

Player generated plot is a thing. The Plot team typically puts out about 50-60 modules and roleplaying encounters during the course of a weekend so if you need more things to do pitching in with some plot would help others and they in turn will be inclined to do the same and help you.

Good player generated plot does not need NPCs or much support from the plot team.

We do like to be aware of whats going on and who is running things to make sure it fits with the world and to refer questions to the right person if anyone comes to us or an NPC about sometime.

This also lets us ensure proper treasure is available and consequences and effects on the world take place. To make this work well please let us know earlier rather than later about things, 4-6 weeks before the event is good.

Successful Player generate plot earn bonus Goblin Points and will have direct in game results for the person running it and those participating.

NPC Exchange and Other Games

One of this game's best features is that there are multiple cmapaigns all set in the same world and that characters can move freely between them. So rewards earned at Kaurath transfer to other Chapters and vica versa.

However New England is a hotbed of LARPing. Kaurath also exchanges rewards for NPCing with a number of other campaigns in the New England area such as Madrigal.

for example when you take on the role of an NPC at one of our events you can earn the same rewards that you would get for NPCing at Madrigal for your character there, and vica versa and so on for the other participating games.

Pitching in

Our chapter is a cooperative entity dedicated to creating an engaging story and letting us all fun telling it. During the event we are all dedicated to our respective roles in this creative enterprise. But as with any group project it can not work unless everyone pitches in.

At every event it takes some time to setup and tear down the Monster Camp, Logistics, the Tavern and the Kitchen. These are the infrastructure that lets the staff do their part to entertain the players and to make this a fun event. We are lucky that our players are willing to step up to help in these two necessary steps. We would love to be able to afford to pay roadies to do this work but we are dedicated to keeping events as affordable as possible as well.

During each event the Non-Player characters take on a lot of roles. If a player has free time or is between scheduled important events, they can and should swing by Monster Camp and volunteer to go out as an NPC for a module or as a woandering monster. This keeps them entertained and helps their fellow players out.

Every event we get some new and returning after a long time players. One reason that Kaurath can be such a Welcoming place is that our current players look for opportunities to involve the new players in modules and plot lines when they see them. Do share stories about current events and why what is going on this event matters. Do not steal plot hooks from new players -- if someone new gets a hook and asks you about it Do help them get the resources they need, feel free to join in if it is part of an ongoing story for more experienced adventurers but also let them take the lead -- Be Gandalf and supply wise advise and aid in an emergency. Let the new person explore the world you enjoy too. Be a guide and make a friend.