<p>Event Schedule

 2024 Season "Strangers in a Strange Land" Event Dates


On-Line Events will take place on Discord (and Zoom when needed.)


We expect all players to take a test a few days before the event and a test the day of.  Two clean rapid tests and no symptoms plus an active vaccination is expected for all players.   We may have some test at the door but if you need help getting tested beforehand please contract Logistics. 

Proof of full vaccination and the current booster such as NY State Excelsior Pass app or photo of your card emailed to logistics@kaurath.com.

We try and track the best CDC Guidance on this.  Currently you should be fully vaccinated against COID-19 with a bivalent booster.  Track the CDC for additional requirements. We recommend folks plan to get boosted at least 2 weeks before an event to ensure things are solid.   We also expect you to test yourself day before or morning of.   We will have some tests on site.   

If you have any symptoms of COVID_19, Flu, RSV, or similar illness or if you test positive please plan to stay home.   We will refund or roll over your payments and yo will get special CP and in between Game actions as rewards for your diligence.  (contact logistics at this site by email.)  

Current rules for safest athletic events will be followed based on the current condition level and most recent variant.   All players should be prepared in case they need to mask or maintain distancing when fighting. 

Any special cases please contact Logistics at the address above -- know that the safety of our players is paramount. Detailed rules will be updated as needed based on best medical advice at the time of the event.

Guarantee: Anyone who prepays for an event which is cancel or shortened or which they must skip due to ill health will have their payment rolled to a future event _and_ a special reward.   If you need a refund instead please let us know.

   Our goal is everyone's safety and happiness.  Contact Logistics at kaurath.com for more assistance.

All attendees get one CP of build credit (for Kaurath or a game we exchange game day credits with)for a weekend and will get an extra points for helping us setup, tear down, and run things.

Extra help gets extra CPs (in 1/2 CP increments) as we all need extra help right now.

Bonus credit (1/2 CP) for everyone for meeting out requirements for testing and vaccinations. 

Remaining Events at Camp Cedarcrest. (registration instructions at the word Register below)

Note: All events are free for NPCs and Staff and include full food and accommodations as available. All events should be prepaid thru Paypal to speed check-in and ensure the kitchen staff both have and can afford to buy all needed supplies in advance.

Give the Gift of LARPing this Season

Gift Certificate for the Holidays

By selecting the item below you can get a gift certificate for one full weekend event for kith or kin at dis discount below the normal prepay rate. Just let us know who this if for and they can preregister for any event this season.
And if they are a new player this gift certificate will cover their first TWO full weekend events.

Support A reduced cost or a Free seat to our game

Or if you want to help those less able to afford it you can donate this gift certificate to fund an additional scholarship foran upcoming event to help the hobby grow and aid community members who cannot afford to attend but will contribute to the game if they are present.

Click below for the special discounted gift certificate or donation

Let us know in the payment note who this is for and will apply it to their next event. If you want physical certificate to put into an envelope allow a couple of extra weeks.


We are handling registration through the LARPortal.com site (Their Users Guide.)

Create Character

Character Creation and Sheet Printing is at the same site


Pay here through Paypal

Fill out the Release and Bring it along

Print out the Accident Waiver, fill it out, and bring it along.

If you have not played Kaurath since the start of 2019 or after an event

Click here for Use of InfoSkills, Post Event Letter, etc.

If you have an older character you want to import (for example from NERO LARP or another game)

See the conversion rules


Almost all of our events take place at Camp Cedarcrest, 886 Mapledale Rd, Orange, CT 06477, about a little west of New Haven, Connecticut, just off exit 57 on the Merritt Parkway. More details are in the individual event announcements and on our Facebook page. The Site map is attached here

The Intercon event takes place at Intercon U -- note that our regular NPCs get free admission to Intercon, just contact Kaurath Logistics