<p>Register and Pay

So lets get you signed up for an event

For the moment we are using paypal to handle our payments. To summarize:

  1. You pick the right button for the length of event or size of package you want (while costs are rising inexorably we have includes all our old discounts into the standard prices.)
  2. Click on the button.
  3. If you are picking a bundle send a note using the pre-reg form or via email to logistics[AT]kaurath[DOT]com) about who is part of the group.
  4. Visit LARPortal to register for the event and then update and print out your character -- our Game name is Kaurath (Their Users Guide.)

All the details are below.

Non-Protagonist Characters

On Line Events

Kaurath on line is FREE but we will accept Contributions and count them towards your Donation CP 

These are rough and unprecedented times in recent memory.

All our on line events this year are FREE.

We want to ensure Kaurath is still here after the pandemic along with Camp Cedarcrest. We are offering a special registration option for the online events, as a donation, that will count towards earning extra cp, however you do NOT have to pay to play online while we can't have in person events.

As always any funds collect past costs go to staff expenses and to our fund to cover reduced cost or free admission to face to face games.


In Person Events

Full Weekend Event

When are you paying

One Day Event Or One Day of a Full Weekend

When are you paying

New Player Half Price deal (first two events)

New Player

Medics, New Players, Merchants, Children not yet Combat Cleared, NPCs

Anyone not a legal adult must be actively supervised by a parent or guardian.


If you have not filled out the current release please download a copy here, fill it out, and bring it to the event when you stop by Registration in the Tavern to Check-in to the event or scan a copy and email it to logistics@kaurath.com.

If Kaurath is too expensive

If you have trouble covering the costs of any event please email logistics at this web address, kaurath.com. NPC and Staff roles are all free to take and we have contributions from some generous players which we use to try and reduce the costs of the game to those whose circumstances make it more problematic at this time.

If you have other issues please speak with us.   No guarantee (not every LARP is for every person)  but we can't possible try to help if we don't know of your need. 

If you can help cover the costs of another player who can not afford what it costs us to run the game we are glad to take those contributions and use them to give reduced cost and free tickets to others.