Tavern at the Crossroads

Kaurath... a land of rich history and bloody battles, ripped from its home by great magics and catapulted into a strange new world.

A few strangers and a few Heroes meet in at the Tavern where merchants meet to trade and make deals with each other and visitors from beyond. And drink. Its a bar. People sit. They drink. Play games. Sometimes there is a fight. Its the social media of High Fantasy worlds.

Normally you would talk to people, make deals, trade stuff. Share a drink and possibly fight a duel or cast some spells, like one does. It's not the fate of the world in the balance but you may resolve a personal problem and, sometimes, small events may have larger consequences.
But as always tehre is more going on that it seems.

From a mixed team of Theater Style and Boffer Combat LARP writers comes a civilized moment of peaceful scheming and violent goodness.

It's a High Fantasy world and packet spell casting and boffer sword fighting or dagger throwing is possible but combat skills are not required to play and the plan is that any combat will happens in the fighting circle.

Set on the edge of the Kaurath Campaign game using a simple subset of the common Accelerant rules. (No prior knowledge assumed.)

No prior knowledge of Kaurath is required, the game mixes prebuilt, campaign, and new characters and opens a door to new possibilities. Those new to Kaurath will be provided with characters from races and cultures with which campaign players are not familiar, or from parts of the game world where adventurers rarely go to ensure no knowledge disparity; prewritten character abilities and ranks will be balanced against all other characters include any campaign players.

For safety sake we expect players to be masked and to think about reasons in character -- its really quite common --

and anyone planning on fighting should plan to wear masks due to the exertion of simulated combat. We also have written the game to use a more open layout than in past games to increase safety regardless.

No prior knowledge of the Accelerant boffer combat rules system is required as we expect very limited combat, if any, unless players involved all agree.
We will review core accelerant calls and rules which may come up during play.

As part of casting we will poll you on your prior knowledge and provide pre-event and start of event training and resources as appropropriate.


The short rules summary for Intercon will appear here. one digit page numbers.

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