Preregister for ALL Kaurath events, whether you are a PC or NPC, please!  It helps a LOT and earns you a chance at a cool prize!

There are three steps, please do each one as soon as you can to help our planning.

(0) Review our chapter’s specific rules and announcements and the rules of NERO. We need to know you have read and understand things. Feel free to ask us questions by sending email to Logistics or NewPlayer at this site.

(1) Fill out the form below so we can handle any special issues, let the chef know about food allergies, and complete our insurance’s requirement for emergency contact information for all participants.

(2) Visit NERO International and update your character sheet in the national database and then commit your production skills

(3) While there please pre-register in the NERO International character database as well  as a player or as an NPC or both so we have your up to date character card handy and can award you goblin points for all your donations and extra work for the chapter,

(4) if you have any production to do click the production link on the NERO Internation web siteat any time, just be sure your production skills are all properly set and committed first,

(5) Use the Payments page HERE to pre-pay now after you pre-register!

(6) if you have any before game actions your character is taking please visit our plot submission page and put in a plot submission HERE

(7) Fill out and bring the Release with you. If you are a minor you may also need a Minor Player Release filled out by your legal guardian.

If you can do each of these steps checking at start of the game should take only a minute.


Either click here or fill out the form below: