Welcome to our payments page! Yes, we now have the much desired “pay now” buttons available for those who have been asking for them! HOWEVER, there are a few “rules” for using these buttons! Not to worry, they are the easy and sensible kind of rules, however!

1. Please make certain you chose the CORRECT drop down price from the CORRECT button menu! Double check before clicking pretty please!

2. Do NOT claim discounts you are not entitled to! All discounts claimed WILL be verified and any overage owed to us WILL be asked for at the door!

3. When paying for any of the bundles, please make sure to make a note (either via the pre-registration form or via email to logistics[AT]nerohartford[DOT]com) as to the specifics (event dates, names of people, etc) for our records and to make certain everyone gets what they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to!

4. If you have not yet done so, please remember to fill out a pre-registration form HERE!

5. This page now has payment options for Paid Plot Submissions! Please remember to send your plot submission to use using the form found HERE either before or after you make payment!

6. Remember to keep up your National Membership, which can be bought HERE!

One Day Event/Revel


Full Weekend Event


Season Pass (4 Event Bundle)


Ten Pack (Team and/or Event) Bundle


Paid Plot Submissions
Paid plot submission (short) $15 Click here to pay and the use the form here.

Paid plot submission (long) $30 Click here to pay and the use the form here.