Welcome to our staff, the Non-Player Characters who help make our world come alive.   You are the critical resource without which Kaurath could not live for our players.   So thank you for the time, short or long, as you are able to invest it.

For you our events are always free and include housing and all the same food as the player characters.  Throw on a farmer’s hat and hit the tavern whenever you need to eat or drink.   Sometimes the Tavern will bring food to us at Monster Camp for those who live their lives backstage.   Cabins, beds, mattresses of course, and the main NPC Cabin has its own fire if needed and electricity.

We appreciate your maintaining a membership in NERO International as it lets us use the national database to track your contributions.  If this is not feasible speak with an owner and we will work it out, we never want money to stop you from coming to play.

We have a range of characters available for you each weekend from interesting roleplaying ones to comic relief to serious opponents on the field, hero, villains, victims, antiheroes, monsters, animals, everything that moves and makes the world alive. We also have NPCs who help set up traps and trails, puzzles and problems, and match wits with the players.

Our roles as staff, plot and non-player characters is to help the players to have a good time all the while having fun ourselves.   We create a world where with a little imagination they can lose themselves completely in the experience.

Our players are good but on the rare occasions there is an issue see our Monster Marshall or any of the senior staff and we will address it.

If an NPC comes to our event and they show potential that we will gladly given them opportunities to take up recurring characters and staff roles with larger scope.  All the recent additions to plot staff were NPCing for us for a few events before.

If you come up with a good idea for a story or a character you’ll get full credit for it and we will find a way to make the most of it.  Once we see you can have mastered the technical and dramatic skills for the roles we will give out the more challenging higher stated monsters and the longer running deeper NPCs.    In essence we want to find what you like and can do and send you out to do it as often as possible while giving you chances to find what else is interesting and train up on that.    Some folks even find they like being backstage and making the rest of the game run well.   We need people who can do that too.    Being an NPC should always be fun not work even though we hold such an important role in making the event go well.     Tell us what we can do to make things more fun for you so you get those amazing in game moments that just shine.

Every event we offer all NPCs a standard award of goblin points. usable for In Game NERO advancement if you want to run a player character in our game or another NERO chapter (and most NPCs get maximum bonus points as well for helping with setup and teardown.)  We also exchange similar rewards with other non-NERO games when they are willing so you can advance your Player character there by NPCing here or vice versa.  For example:

  • Outpost – we exchange one for one credit for a day of NPCing.  One full day = one NPC blanket in NERO = one Prestige point at Outpost.    Speak with logistics to have them transfer credits or make a note during registration.

And if there is something else needed let us know.   We want all our NPCs to build up a standard LARP kit starting with basic black outfits and working up to full costume for named characters as you get cast as them, and we are glad to help them make that happen.


What should you bring when coming to NPC

  • Basic blacks, t-shirt and pants, long leg if at all possible so you don’t need to put makeup on your legs.
  • A black head scarf to reduce hair makeup issues similarly.
  • Socks, several changes of socks, more than you expect.
  • Boots or good shoes, without visible logos and in a dark color, black or brown.  Some folks use spats to cover sneakers and other authentic shoes which are too modern looking.
  • Bedding and/or a good sleeping bag.  ( The cots have mattresses but you want something more to wrap up in when the New England nights decide to be cold. And usually a pillow or equivalent. )
  • Toiletries, including toothpaste and brush, deodorant, hairbrush, and Soap, Shampoo, etc for the shower.

Click here to register – choose NPC when asked about character or cabin and don’t worry about paying, you are covered.