Welcome to NERO International and to the Hartford Chapter of this game.

We run a campaign named Kaurath after the primary kingdom but you can play a character you make here in any other NERO chapter, and vice versa.

For new player help you can find us on Facebook, or write to New Player (all one word) at this web site with your email program and our New Player Marshal will help.

Since we are rebuilding the new player information page if you have any questions please send email to Logistics at neroharford com (just like the web site) as well.


As a new player we make a few offers to help you get started:

  • your first game is free to get a feeling for how this style of Live Action Roleplaying works.
  • You will get a starting package of resources to help you get started
  • We have a special starting module to help you practice and get up to speed
  • if an exist player brought you to the game they will also earn a reward (200 Goblin Points) if you decide to return as a paid player in the future.
  • You get fed all weekend (actually we feed everyone from midnight Friday evening through lunch on Sunday before we pack and clean up the site.
  • NERO International will give you a four month membership free when you go to their website to create your character.
  • Your character starts with 50 build points (level 4).

If you want to learn  the rules and styles of play consider signing up to NPC for an few events or a season before starting to play.  You will get more practical training in NERO Combat and the local history for role playing.  NPCs always play for free, are fed, and earn goblin points which can be redeemed to boost your player character when you start play here or at another  NERO chapter.  They also can win extra gear in and out of game.

So whats all this about?

LARPing lets you be part of the story, live it, not just watch it. Your choices change the fate of the world. And the living story reacts to you, presenting new challenges and new opportunities because of your actions.

What has gone before?

Here is a quick background on the land of Kaurath and important people and groups you may meet there: “Welcome to Kaurath”.

For the history of this land before players started changing things you can read a description of the history and state of Kaurath as of a decade ago (as written by an Evandarrian visitor): The Original Player Guide to Kaurath. You don’t need to read this now, but eventually you may have questions this can answer.

The Rules of Nero

Finally you can go to our rules page to see copies of all the rules of NERO.
But we can focus on the most important bit first … (we’re still writing that up .. let us know what you are interested in most and we’ll try and help.0