Kaurath… a land of rich history and bloody battles, where Bards and Kings walk alongside Peasants, where Elementals hold no sway but one should always carry a bit of bread or honey for the Fae.
Under the rule of the High King, this is a land steeped in tradition with a long history.  Come, join us and become a part of the ever-growing tapestry making up tomorrow’s history.


Most of our events take place at Camp Cedarcrest, about ten minutes north of New Haven near the Merritt Parkway. More details are in the individual event announcements and on our Facebook pages.

Next Event

Our next event is September 30th to October 1st at Camp Cedarcrest (just north of New Haven, CT)- click here to register

Promotional offers

  • NPC exchanges with other LARP games in the area, NERO and  Outpost, Madrigal, Magestry and LIONE Rampant.T More comming.  Time NPCing for us can count towards CPs there or vica versa.
  • First game free for new players – bring a friend, help them enjoy the game, they play free this time and you get a reward if they enjoy things enough to keep coming back.
  • Discounts if you pay in advance, an additional $10 discount on a normal weekend for preregistering and prepaying and we can speed your check-in experience.
  • Discounts if you sign up a group – buy a 4 pack or a 10 pack of events – share them with your friends or just prepay for the season and get the best available discount and a reward. Plus if you preregister you are prepaid and check-in becomes a breeze.
  • Preregistered Groups can lock in one of the four regular field cabins by pre-registering a group of 8 early.
  • Special in game rewards for those who are pre-registered and pre-paid. The earlier you do the larger the set of components or production will be and the more bonus tickets for the magic item drawing.
  • Extra points for those who take an NPC shift, or who bring a friend to NPC for an event.   Even more for you and your friend if they commit to a full season of four games.

To learn more about the history of Kaurath click here.

Click here to go to the Rules page

Map of Camp Cedarcrest